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The World Health Organisation has identified a sedentary lifestyle as the fourth leading risk factor for global mortality. While the importance of exercise for our health is well known, recent studies have uncovered that exercise isn’t enough. Living a sedentary lifestyle is actually bad for us. There are of course also, health implications from standing too much. The Sit/Stand Desk allows use whilst standing or sitting, offering the ability to stand up or sit down during the work day.

Incorporating a number of sit/stand desks in to your workspace and for example, allowing for shared use through 'hot desking' is one way of providing for a healthy working environment whilst managing the budget on the installation cost. That said the cost of sit/stand desks has decreased significantly over the last year, making them very affordable for entry level models. Our recent installation in to a IOM Government Office did just that, combining static bench desking with a number of double bench sit/stand desks fitted with electronic controlled risers. The results..... well we think a change for the better.... a smart new way of working.

Narbutus Nova U slide Bench with Easy Sit/Stand desks, slim fit steel pedestal cabinets and desk mounted column screen mounts.

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