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Packing Boxes

We have a large stock of lidded plastic packing crates available for hire.  The crates which come in two different sizes are ideal for your office move or relocation, as they can be easily packed, sealed and stacked and placed on trolleys for safe and efficient moving.  We have a variety of colours which can help eg. with colour coded crates for different departments.


Crate Dimensions:


LC3 Crate (standard office move crate)

Capacity: 80 Ltr

Size (Ext): L 710 x W 460 x H 368mm

Size (Int): L 597 x W 374 x H 330mm


IT1 Crate (used for Desktop IT and larger items)

Capacity: 165 Ltr

Size (Ext): L 735 x W 575 x H 623mm

Size (Int): L 540 x W 450 x H 560mm


We can deliver/collect crates when you decide to hire/off hire them. 

Colour coding

Our extensive range of removal crates in different colours mean that departmental or functional assets can be easily segregated.  This makes identification of crates clear and locating simple.

Office Removals
IT Removals Crates

Good organisation is key to the success of any move and our crate hire, labelling and packing and filing services will help ensure that your Business move goes ahead with the minimum of disruption.  

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