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Waste Removal

If you have redundant office furniture which you need to dispose of, our waste disposal services can help by removing it from your premises.


We will assess your office furniture for suitability for reuse and if it can be, we discount the waste removal charges from your bill.  Saving your company money and at the same time, make a carbon offset.


If your unwanted office furniture isn't suitable for reuse then we will strip out any parts that can be recycled and the remainder goes for incineration at the SITA Isle of Man Energy from Waste Incinerator.

Used Office Furniture Shipped for Reuse

There is a clear environmental benefit to reusing redundant office furniture and recycling your waste materials.   At ORS we are passionate about reusing used office furniture and making a contribution towards reducing CO2 emissions.  At the same time we work to help our customers save money by reducing their disposal costs or through savings on purchasing pre-owned office furniture at much lower prices than new.  Check out our Products Page for more details.


Whether you have an office full of unwanted furniture or you would like to recycle items such as used paper, cardboard, aluminium, printer cartridges light bulbs or some plastics,  we can help.


We can provide regular or adhoc collections either as part of our other services or for larger quantities as a separate service.


Contact us today to discuss your company's requirements.

Reduce Reuse Recycle
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