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The Henry Bloom Noble Library, December 2015

Other Recent Projects
The Henry Bloom Noble Libarry, Douglas, Isle of Man

Working with Douglas Borough Council staff, ORS ensured the smooth relocation of the Douglas library from Victoria Street to its new site on Duke Street.   The relocation took place without majour issue over two weeks, as scheduled.


We were tasked with moving over 3000 books with some valuable and older editions together with a range of shelving and other furniture and fixtures and fittings.

The Library has a large Archive of Books which are stored in a Rolling Racking System.  This system was re-planned to suit the available footprint in the new location and the system had to be carefully disassembled, packed, moved and re-assembled.



June 2016

Orchard Recruitment: Provision/Rationalisation of Cat5e cabling and relocation of Office Furniture and IT Equipment including BT Versatility PABX and install to new premises.


Phase 2 relocation of Douglas Borough Council Finance Department to facilitate Town Hall & Church Street Renovation Project.

May 2016

Furniture extraction, Evergreen House on behalf of RL360. Approximately 10 tonnes assigned for re-use.

April 2016

Relocation of Data, Servers, Furniture and other assets from Evergreen House to RL360 House following acquisiition of CMI by RL360. 


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