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Office Removals Floor Protection
Office Removals Matting
Protecting a lift threshold
Moving a safe
Lift protection curtain
Crate Seal
Coning a safe working area

Whether your moving in to a new building, vacating your existing one or just moving items around your building, when relocating any amount of office furniture, equipment and packing boxes, with several agencies and staff involved, you will wish to protect your assets and infrastructure.




We can help calm your nerves with our professional approach and careful planning.  Infrastructure such as marble floors, new carpet and passenger lifts can all be protected against the increased traffic and risk involved in a business' relocation.  

We Protect

For heavier items such as safes our experienced movers can guard against potential damage to the lift's threshold caused by the heavy item passing across it.  Such damage can result in rendering the lift inoperable, lengthy down time, major expense and unacceptable risk to your relocation project.




All of your data and servers will be safe and secure, whilst in our care.  No items are ever left in unsecure areas unattended.  Security seals are avaialble for our moving boxes if required.  

Safe and Secure
Risk Assessment

All of our removals are risk assessed.  For larger moves we can provide you with a written Method Statement and Risk Assessment before anything gets moved.




The Health and Safety of our staff, your staff and the general public is always our concern and is key in the planning and execution of all of our moves from the smallest task to the largest project.  Our Moves Management Team will be on site to ensure that the project runs smoothly and Health and Safety is maintained at all times.

Health and Safety First
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