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Confidential Waste Destruction


We can tailor our Confidential Waste Destruction Service to your individual business needs.  For example we can supply your Business with 240 litre secure wheelie bins, to be sited on your premises and collected either on request or as part of a scheduled service.  The bins are secured and complete with a slot for feeding paper in the top of the bin. 

Our Confidential Waste Services Standards are as follows:

  • All Confidential material being collected will be protected from unauthorized access from the point of collection to the completion of destruction.  

  • It will be stored in containers secured by a security lock, the key for which we will be held at the Destruction Premises.

  • Collections will be made by uniformed and trained staff carrying photographic identification.

  • The destruction of confidential material will take place within one working day from arrival at the destruction centre and will remain secured until destroyed.

  • There will be no unauthorised access to shredding premises which are physically separate from our offices.

  • The vehicles used will be box-bodied and the box section locked during transit and when parked.  The vehicles are fitted with an electro-mechanical immobiliser to prevent theft of the vehicle.

  • Staff Operating the vehicles will be able to communicate with ORS Management by telephone.

  • Our destruction centre has CCTV installed and in operation and is alarmed. 


Confidential Material will be shredded to BS EN 15713:2009 size requirements and shredded material will be recycled.  We will issue you with a Destruction Certificate monthly.

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